Taking care of your eyes is very important, especially as you get older. One issue that you can have with your eyes, is having dry eyes. Some of the symptoms that you may experience with dry eyes are: persistent dryness, scratchiness, red eyes and a burning sensation.

When you have dry eyes, your tear glands are not producing enough tears. Having dry eyes is a natural part of the aging process, but it can make your eyes really irritated. Having dry eyes is also a side effect of many different medications. So, if you are prone to having dry eyes, you may want to tell your doctor before starting other medications.

Certain things in your home can also cause you to have dry eyes, like a blowing air conditioner. An air conditioner can dry out your eyes. Insufficient blinking, from staring at a computer screen all day, can also cause your eyes to dry out.

Dry eye syndrome is more prevalent in larger cities due to the higher volumes of pollution. The pollution can be linked to drying out eyes more than in cities where pollution volumes are not as high. Dry eyes are more common among people who work on computers for a large part of the day. When you are working on a computer, you blink less often, which results in dryer eyes. Dry eyes are also more prevalent in women than men.

Here are some facts about dry eyes:

-48% of adult Americans experience dry eye symptoms

-42% of women ages 45 to 54 who have dry eyes also complain of blurred vision

-Women are more likely to have difficulties with dry eyes when using a computer

-Dry eyes can cause difficulty with reading

If you are experiencing dry eyes there is treatment that will help you. Call Galanis Cataract & Laser Eye Center—your St. Louis cataract surgery center—today for help with your dry eyes.

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