Advanced Technology Lens Implants

“For 30 plus years, the eternal “where did I leave my glasses” preceded every task I did. Now, thanks to the skill and knowledge of Dr. Galanis in performing my cataract surgery and multifocal lens implants, I am now free. I no longer need glasses and can enjoy my favorite activities of painting and reading with clean, unimpaired vision. What a blessing! Sight is a precious gift! Thank you Dr. Galanis”. -JoAnn M

Laser cataract surgery in St. Louis by Dr. Galanis allows his patients to have a state-of-the-art cataract procedure using the latest technology available, including “multifocal lens implants”, also known as bifocal or refractive lens implants, that can restore vision to a level many patients have never experienced before. In addition to being the first and only cataract surgeon in St. Louis to perform no-shot, no-stitch, no-patch, micro-incision cataract surgery Dr. Galanis also performs laser cataract surgery. He offers multifocal lens implants to restore driving and near vision following surgery. He also offers toric lens implants that give some patients with astigmatism the best vision they have ever experienced. Dr. Galanis has performed over 30,000 procedures and uses advanced technology to offer his patients the best possible vision.

These advanced technology cataract lens implants, TECNIS, ReSTOR, or Crystalens offer patients options to treat their driving vision as well as their reading vision. In fact, nearly 90% of patients who have multifocal lens implants no longer require any glasses at all, replacing vision that was thought to be long gone. Combining modern day laser cataract surgery and multifocal lens implants by Dr. Galanis in St. Louis has allowed Galanis Cataract and Laser Eye Center to turn back the hands of time when it comes to vision.

Why have multifocal lens advanced technology implants in St. Louis by Dr. Galanis?

We are very precise in our pre-operative examination and measurements of your eyes, ensuring that your cataract lens implant is customized to your unique visual needs. Rest assured that should you have any residual astigmatism after your cataract is removed, this would be corrected without any professional (surgeon) fees.

Simply said, Your best vision is our mission.“Your best vision is our mission.“

Types of Multifocal Lens Implants

TECNIS Multifocal Lens Implant

This lens implant is designed to reduce spherical aberration in all light conditions. This lens implant offers excellent near and far vision even in low light. Studies have shown high spectacle independence and patient satisfaction.

ReSTOR® Lens

Using apodization, diffraction and refraction technologies, the ReSTOR® lens improves upon ordinary replacement lenses (IOLs) by providing comprehensive focusing capabilities so patients can see clearly in a range of lighting conditions and at all distances — at noon or midnight, nearby or far away, and many distances in between. Patients who use the ReSTOR® lens rarely need to rely on glasses or contact lenses after surgery.


Crystalens™ is a new replacement lens (IOL) that works naturally with muscles in the eye to retain the eye’s ability to “accommodate” –- to shift focus between nearby and distant objects. With age, patients lose this ability and require corrective eyewear to see clearly at near and intermediate distances.

Unlike rigid lenses, the flexible silicone Crystalens features innovative hinges that allow it to move with the eye’s muscles and accommodate seamlessly, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for vision correction. The Crystalens is implanted using the same cataract surgery techniques as with other IOLs.

Being an expert in refractive eye surgery, Dr. Galanis will be able to choose a multifocal lens implant that best suits your individual visual needs.