A cataract is the clouding of the eye’s natural lens. The clouding obstructs the vision making it difficult to see what is in front of you. Usually, people develop cataracts as they age. Most people do not begin to suffer from cataracts until they are over the age of 40.


Cataract Surgery

A way to rid yourself of cataracts is to have surgery. To remove a cataract, your doctor will perform laser cataract surgery, which will remove the cataract. This procedure is fairly painless, and the success rate is very high.


Multifocal Lens Implants

Once you have had cataracts removed, it may be best to have multifocal lens implants. The lens implants will be able to correct your vision and allow for better and clearer vision. The multifocal lens implants are customized to your individual needs, and can even help with astigmatism.


Obtaining Better Vision Is Possible

Having great vision is something that everyone wants, especially if it something that you currently do not have. Cataracts do not need to keep you down. In St. Louis, multifocal IOL lens implants are a great possibility. Dr. Galanis can provide you with the vision correction that you want and need. Call us today at 314-633-8575.

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