Glasses have been around for a long time, but they have not always looked the way that we have come to know them to look. Here are some things from Good Looking Optics,, that you may not have known about glasses:


  • The first vision aid was the reading stone, created in 1000 AD. The stone was created for the far sighted, and it acted like a magnifying glass.
  • Glasses made their first appearance between 1285 and 1289, and were traditionally made out of quartz set into bone, metal, or leather. These glasses did not have arms, so the glasses would always fall off of your nose.
  • In some African countries, glasses cost more than three months’ salary.
  • Over four million pairs of glasses are discarded in the U.S. every single year.
  • In the past, many sailors believed that wearing gold earrings would improve your vision
  • The first reference to sunglasses can be dated back to Ancient Rome and China. It is believed that Emperor Nero would watch gladiator fights through polished gems.
  • Sunglasses in 12th century China were created out of flat panes of smoky quartz, and were used by judges to hide their expressions while interrogating witnesses.
  • The most common sport for eye injuries to occur is baseball.
  • Insect eyes are often divided into multiple smaller eyes.
  • Squids have the biggest eyes in the world
  • Babies younger than three months do not produce tears when they cry
  • In the first hours after a baby is born they see the world upside down


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