People who suffer from cataracts are usually older. Cataracts cloud the vision, making them blurry. People who have cataracts usually need to have surgery to rid themselves of them. Getting rid of cataracts will help to improve the vision of the person who had them.


Multifocal Lens Implants

After having cataracts removed, you have the option of having lens implants. Lens implants will provide many benefits. With multifocal lens implants, you will be able to see near and far and everywhere in between without glasses. You will be able to drive, watch television, read, and use a cell phone and computer without having to wear your glasses. When you have multifocal lens implants you will have freedom from wearing glasses while doing all of the things that you enjoy.


Making a Needed Change

The eye is an organ that you cannot be replaced. As you age, your vision can gradually get worse, and even develop cataracts. Having your vision restored is now possible. Here at Galanis Cataract & Laser Eye Center we can help restore your vision. We are your St. Louis Multifocal IOL company. Call us today to set your appointment.

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