Eye problems are not a good thing. Millions of people suffer from issues with their eyes, where they have to wear corrective lenses. When it comes to wearing glasses or contacts, it can be very difficult to do certain tasks. Different sports that require a lot of movement, make wearing glasses difficult. Contacts can fall out of your eye, causing you to lose them. People also can forget to take them out which can cause different issues with their eyes.


If you are tired of having to deal with wearing glasses or contacts, then Lasik eye surgery is probably something that you should consider. If you are considering having Lasik done, then you may want to consider the following:



Lasik is surgery, so there are going to be some risks involved. Make sure that before you have the surgery you know what you want, and if it is going to better your life.



It is important that you are comfortable with the person who is going to be performing the procedure. You want to make sure that you have seen them before and you are comfortable with having them cut on your eye.



If you are nearsighted then you may find out that you are going to have to have the procedure again. Ask your doctor about this before you have the surgery.



Lasik is not for everyone. There are some diseases or conditions that people have which do not make them candidates for Lasik.



This is a surgery, so be sure to speak to your doctor so that you are aware of what is going to happen during the surgery as well as afterwards. Being well informed is key.



Not everyone is the same, which means that your results may be different from another person. Talk to your doctor about what you should expect from the surgery.



There are going to be risks with every surgery, so you should know what it is that you are getting into when it comes to having surgery.


Lasik surgery is something that a lot of people are doing, and they are having great results. If you are tired of wearing corrective lenses all of the time, then call Galanis Cataract & Laser Eye Center—your St. Louis Multifocal IOL company—today.

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